Dad Mind Matters: Parenting, Marriage & Mental Health For Men

Helping men safely navigate family life without losing their minds
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Hello, I'm James, and in 2020, after what felt like 8 years of false starts, I decided to try and create a podcast that hopefully supports and entertains other dads.

As a married father of 3, I'm passionate about trying to help other dads get the most out of their general family life.

In 2012, so not that long ago, I was probably best described as an anxious and overwhelmed dad.

After a decade of setbacks, lots of terrible jokes, Happy Birthday songs and enough coffee to sink a ship, I’m a much happier man.

As mentioned, I want to help other dads be the best dads they can be without losing their mental health. Mental health battles are something I am all too familiar with.

In 2010, my GP suggested I do a 12-week CBT course with the NHS. During this course, I was diagnosed as having Pure OCD, which explained a lot.

As well as bi-weekly podcasts, on this channel, you'll also hear dad jokes, parody songs on family life & the occasional one-liner.

You may also learn how to manage toddler tantrums, difficult partners & what matters most in parenting and marriage.

I hope wherever you are in the world, you're okay. Take care and thanks again for your support.